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The Acushnet Company is an American company focused on the golf market. The company operates a series of brands that manufacture golf equipment. Products manufactured include balls, clubs, putters.

A former special collections representative shares his experience on, "You're just a number that is overworked and under-appreciated. There is no movement/growth. I left Acushnet for another job in the same field, have less stress, less work and more money. Make sure you have everything documented in writing when your manager tells you to do something as they will generally say I never said that. This was the Corporate office, the factory workers have it much worse. If your not a golfer and a sales rep, you're nothing to this company."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Can fire not because you do great job but because someone of management dont like you personaly"

Former Employee - Credit Controller says

"Lack of support from team, very snotty environment and job was not as describe - very much a call centre environment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No advancement available. All about the executives."

Former Employee - Manufacturing Supervisor says

"Acushnet marketing is amazing, they convince America (world) to pay 50$ for 12$ worth of balls keeping management Less than "hungry" Everyone gets better then normal salaries/ bonuses for showing up for work. Sometime Acushnet will have some real competition and they will be poorly prepared"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not a team environment. Extra efforts are not rewarded. Management does not care about your career goals."

Sales Representative says

"It has been very sad to see the decline of this company as the new (private) ownership has changed the overall atmosphere. This company used to value its employees and that showed in the long tenure of many of the sales representatives. Recently there have been many layoffs purely for the reason to cut costs and increase the company's value on paper with no regard for the future. I made the mistake of having loyalty towards the company and thinking it would always be there for me. Morale has been plummeting as long term (and productive) employees have been let go with no warning. On the product side, the motto has seemed to be "Fire, Ready, Aim" in recent years which has resulted in frustrated customers waiting for backordered product. Definitely a male dominated operation -- especially on the sales and management fronts."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanagement, changing philosophies, preached work/life balance, but really did not care."


"*Little to no room for career advancement unless you have some sort of in with upper management *If you start as a temp or contractor, don't expect to ever be hired *Undeserving employees get promotions *Horrible communication between groups *Absolutely no work/life balance. Hours are 8-5 and there are very few things to make you feel human through the year. One Party in the summer that lasts an hour during your lunch break. No fun otherwise. *Sales reps are treated like gods, but they sell a product which sells itself. *After multiple years working here, I never once spoke to my bosses boss or the CEO and I work in the same building. *No recognition unless your one of managements few favorites *Very hard to get fired here. There is a long process if management decides they want to fire you. This could be seen as a pro if you are a lazy person, but to people who actually work hard it's a con as they see lazy people cruise through the day and make more money than you in the process. *Mostly an older crowd. If you are a younger person you will be with mostly older people. Certain departments have a lower average age but company wide average is probably between 40 and 50."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"untalented leadership, engineers with no degrees"

Mechanic says

"I really don't have anything to share at this time. No cons that I can think of at this time."

sales representative (Former Employee) says

"Micromanagement rules the day. Times have changed at this company. It has turned into a report driven job, where it seems they are looking for robots to do the same thing. The focus has turned away from the customer."

printer (Former Employee) says

"job require a bit of dexterity, always offer overtime to those who are good at their job. Since majority of their staff are from agency the pay is too low for the job skill require.good supervisionterrible work policy"

printer (Former Employee) says

"smart business for a full-time employee, anyone who's not will have no opportunity to grow and they will undercut you for the skill required to operate the machine."

Collections (Current Employee) says

"I am sorry, but I do not have anything to say about the Acushnet Company. That you would need to form your own opinion of the Company. I have been taught that if you have nothing good to say, say nothing that could be considered lible." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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